About Me

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I'm a curious IT engineer, full stack developer and audio maniac.

New technologies have interested me since I was in high school, I was then trying a little web development and also repairing my own electric guitars.

I was then accepted to ECE Paris, an engineering school where I spent 5 years learning hundreds of different technologies from C to Java and to graphical programming (Max MSP, VVVV). During the two last years, I designed two different audio systems, an OSC controller (the Percephone) and a system that could synchronize sound with video and light. The second one was the basis of the company I started co-creating for a year at ECE's incubator. We then realize that it wouldn't work as expected and that we might had a lack of contact in the hard field of live music.

During my last year at ECE Paris, I got really interested into web technologies. We had a few free projects, I decided to do all of them as web project. This is when I really started to discover the web environnement, and especially PHP, JS and NoSQL. I then became an auto-entrepreneur in order to carry one with that activity beside my company. I carried on developing many websites since then.

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